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Tom DeLapp's Talking Points Webcast Service

In a series of short 10-minute webcast conversations, school communications expert Tom DeLapp will give you proven techniques and tips for responding to specific critical issues, incidents, and high-profile situations facing public school leaders.

In the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee, Tom can walk you through the details of a response plan, run through a checklist of action steps to consider, and help you frame your answers to key questions.

Each webcast focuses on a single question, problem, or scenario facing school administrators. A new webcast is released every two weeks during the school year. Four segments are already available to download immediately. For a list of upcoming talking point topics click here.

Tom's webcasts are:

  • Practical: Tom's expert communications coaching gives you immediate talking points for communicating with stakeholders, the media and your staff. It's like having Tom on call on your staff to coach you through the first steps of your response.

  • On Demand: You can view them when and where you want by downloading the webcast through your computer, cell phone or PDA; even if you are on the scene of a breaking situation.

  • Efficient: Viewing can be built into agendas for your cabinet, school board and leadership team meetings as an inexpensive, ongoing staff development training tool. These can become a highly-focused way to build communication capacity and a communicating culture within your leadership team.

  • Indexed: You can retrieve them later when the need arises; a virtual resource bank of PR briefings to help you "kick start" your communication response to a crisis, situation or problem.