Video / DVD Production

Delivering high-impact messages through video

At times, print and electronic communication methods simply cannot fully convey your message. That's when the power of the visual image can capture attention and enhance the impact of your key messages.

Communication Resources for Schools has extensive experience and expertise in developing video programming specifically designed to tell the public school story. We are very sensitive to the needs of educators and minimize disruptions to classrooms and offices during taping.

Our professional team of skilled videographers, script writers, editors, graphic artists and post production specialists can help you create powerful public awareness DVDs/videos that:

•  Market your schools to diverse audiences

•  Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers

•  Reverse declining enrollment by "magnetizing" your schools

•  Engage community and business leaders in their public schools

•  Train new employees on district procedures, policies and practices

•  Build public understanding and support for strategic plans and program initiatives

•  Improve community awareness and support during controversial discussions of boundary changes, tax and bond levies, curriculum and instructional improvement strategies, facilities modernization projects, and other high profile issues

Click here for video demo

Our video team is fast, efficient, and creative. Let us produce a visual communication tool for your district that is high-quality and competitively priced!

Call Tom DeLapp at (916) 315-1409 to discuss your project needs.

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